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Are'are Panpipe Music

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Contact details Campion ohasio
Solomon Islands
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Are'are Panpipe Music represents all Are'are Panpipe Music groups who perform the many varieties of the Are'are panpipe music. Our current members are the Nukuuruwara of Are'are, Inamauri Are'are Orchestra and Waru Panpipers of Are'are.

Are'are Panpipe Music was founded in 2012 by Campion Ohasio who has been promoting and working with various Are'are Panpipe groups over the years.

This page is specifically created to promote our very own website hosted with (www.arekanuts.com/areaarepanpipemusic_html).

Are'are Panpipe Music's vision and mission of this project is to create a single marketing tool and door to promote and market Are'are Panpipe music as this wealth and music belongs to the many sub-tribes within Are'are. That way whatever small benefit that comes out of this resource can be shared equally among our various tribes.

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